Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taking a Break From This Blog

Welp, I'm kinda feeling bad about not updating this blog as much as I think I should. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook putting up my short takes, etc. But I've always tried to run my blog under the "Jim Rome" rule. "Have a take and don't suck." So I always try to put something thought-out and meaningful on here. Most of it has been poker, but I've gotten into other areas like fitness, healthy eating, and smartphones.

I could set my blog up to scrape news sites and post relevant stories, but there's a ton of blogs that do that and most of them kinda suck. I've even tried to run some banner ads that might make me a little money if clicked. But after 3 years, I was informed by one banner service that I had to remove them since I talk about gambling on here. Oh well.

So considering my blog neglect issues, my expanding subject matter, and my waining interest in posting, I think I'll take a break for a little while and take some time to decide what I want to do with my blog. Not saying I will definitely shut down, but that is one of many options I will consider.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow me on Twitter. I'm on there almost every day and I like it: Cheers.