Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stick's Random Update 9/14/10, Plus Justin.tv

Been laggin' on the blog updates. Between fiddling with my Captivate smartphone, working out, playing poker, Twitter, Facebook, and a brewfest last weekend, it hasn't dawned on me much. I was gonna say "haven't had the time", but I actually have. I've just been distracted, I guess.

Gained 6 pounds recently, but I think it's part water weight and part muscle gain. Been working hard, sweating a lot, and drinking a lot of fluids. The brewfest indulgence didn't help, but I'm still not discouraged. 1 more week until monthly weigh-in. I've checked my body fat % a few times recently and it looks good.

Poker has been going well. I was running bad the first week of the month in SNG's, so I decided to switch to 10NL cash games for a little while. Did well for a while and just had my first down day today. Still good for the month, though.

I decided to start a Justin.tv channel after reading some good reviews of their new android app. I'll be able to broadcast live from my phone soon. Not sure what I'm going to show yet, but it won't suck. I hope. Stay tuned: http://www.justin.tv/stick66/

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