Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stick's July 2010 Poker Results

Welp. It's official. I'm an online STT/MTT player, NOT online cash. I do okay at live cash, but I gotta stick to tourneys online. I got the "cash game bug" when I got back from Vegas on the 1st. So I tried to grind cash and I guess my style doesn't work online. Comfort, style, bankroll, you name it. It all points to tourneys for me. But I LOVE live cash games. So I think I got it figured out.

So I ended up this month for a total loss of -$154. That includes a live tourney loss and online cash, tourneys, and bonuses. Check the damage:

Had a decent SNG run at the end to get back positive:

Time for me to specialize. Get really good at online tourneys and build a bigger bankroll. Then possibly take a crack at online cash again. Meanwhile, I've made a pledge to myself to play more live games. I'll be going to Reno to grind for 4 days and then I'll try to hit some Sac area rooms.


AbsolutHamm said...

For your cash I think you've gotta be more aggressive Stick. You're PFR is way too low and your non-showdown winnings really show that you're not raising enough. Your VPIP seems like it's a pretty solid range, but you need to be stealing more in position and you'll be making more without the showdown.

I guess none of this matters if you're just going to stick to MTTs/STTs though ;). Good luck this month.

Stick said...

Thanks Hammer. Good advice.
I'm doing well so far this month in SNG's, but I'll still play some cash. Maybe 90/10 SNG/Cash ratio. So I can still take your advice. Thanks again.

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