Monday, August 16, 2010

Back from Reno, Sad

Not only did I not have any poker profit in Reno, I also realized how far downhill it's gone in the last few years. Hookers, transients, and druggies downtown more than ever. I had the pleasure of being propositioned by a skank and the pleasure of wiping a druggie's blood off a toilet seat I desperately need to use. Yes, scary.

Not as many good deals to be had, either. The place that had a hot dog and a Heineken for $2 just 2 years ago now has it for $4.75. The $1.99 breakfast is now $2.99. So the cheapest places to eat are McD's & Arby's with their dollar menus.

Downtown Reno seems to cater more to locals now. Seems like a fun place to dance, party, and get your drink on. But as a relaxing, casino-based vacation spot, I think it has completely lost it. I haven't tried the outer places like Peppermill, Atlantis, and Grand Sierra and I'm not sure I will after this last trip downtown. I went for mostly poker and it was pretty hard to find a good game. Mostly regulars who only played at certain times. No late night drunken tourist donkeys like in Las Vegas. I'm better off playing the local Sac rooms here. Oh and the automated "PokerPro" poker tables at the Silver Legacy were a joke. Mostly greenhorn players who knew no etiquette and played extremely slow would brave the pretty little tables. And to top it off, it took an hour to get a tourney together there. Plus, it was empty most of the day so I don't think those tables will last very long. They didn't in Vegas or Folsom, either.

Oh well. I think the wife and I will go again to party. But sadly, never again for a "vacation".

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