Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stick's June 2010 Poker Results

LOL! Online, I had a profit of +$21. But live, I lost -$499 in Vegas. Had fun and learned a ton, but hurt the bottom line quite a bit. So my combined total works out to be -$478 for June. And same as other months, I realize my mistakes and will definitely learn from them. One live mistake was playing tournament buy-ins above my roll. I actually came to Las Vegas to play the OFC for $120. So that one doesn't count. But I also played the nightly Venetian $120, which was over 10% of my roll. Beforehand, I really stewed over playing and I kinda wanted to go across the street to play the Treasure Island $50. But all my friends were playing the Venetian and I played just to say I did. So I did, but won't next time. I learned. Then I lost a quick $100 in a cash game my last night there because I was hammered. I won't next time. I learned.

I only played a little online cash:

Played a few tourneys and had a semi-good run towards the end to get my ROI above zero:

I didn't play my normal amount of games due to a camping trip around June 9th and then the Vegas trip at the end of the month. So it's tough to say I learned much online, but my live learning is still fresh. I think I finally have the desire and confidence to play the live card rooms around here. At least I'll give 'em a try.

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