Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stick's Random Update 6/15/10

Went camping last weekend. Gained 3 lbs. Hurt my back somehow. Finally figured out that I'm a hardcore city boy.

Worked out today. Hurt my back even more. Constant pain. 1st Vicodin didn't help much. Going for #2 when I'm done with this.

Neither my new glasses nor my new prescription sunglasses will be done before my Las Vegas trip. Have to stick with contacts and risk infection.

Facebook games are addicting and taking away from my poker time.

Poker is going OK. Up and down. Not much profit, but decent experience and self-analysis.

Lawn needs to be mowed and is infested with lawn moths. Back hurts too much to mow it or spray chemicals on it.

Still trying to top off my tan and get my weight down more before the Vegas trip. So stoked! 9 days to go!

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