Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stick's Random Update 5/13/10

Been wrapped up in Facebook, Twitter, playing poker, working out, tanning, and planning for the Las Vegas trip. Getting the wardrobe and the bod in shape. Even getting new sunglasses.

The 1st 2 weeks of this month have been up and down for me. Had some steady SNG cashes at first, but then hit a bad 0-20 run that kinda even things out. Still have plenty of time to improve the month, though.

Had a few tilt-related losses for the first time in a while. Not sure the cause, but the conditions seems to be temporary (so far). Otherwise, I feel like I've been playing well and riding some variance.

In non-poker areas, I started indoor tanning sessions and I'm lovin' it. Kinda does something for the ego like my new workout muscles do. When I was young, I was a skinny bike racer built like a wire coat hanger. Easy to bend but hard to break. Then I got older and gained the weight I wished I could when I was younger, but lost my fitness due to laziness. Now I'm just beginning to feel like I'm approaching the best shape of my life. Got a ways to go, but it's just now starting to show.

Prior to Vegas in late June, I'm trying to lose as much weight and gain as much fitness as I can because I know I won't always be able to eat right and exercise in Vegas. The hotel I'm staying in wants $10 a day to use their gym and I only pay $15 a month for the one I go to now. I'm damned sure I'm not going to pay the equivalent of $300 a month, so it looks like I'll be getting very acquainted with their stairwell. :)

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