Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stick's April 2010 Poker Results

Nice month profit-wise at +$189. Had just a small bonus and played just 108 hands of 25NLHE cash, so the majority of my profit was from STT/MTT winnings. Pretty proud of that. I could eventually become a cash gamer someday, but tourneys are suiting me just fine right now. Confidence is up and results are too.

Had a really nice day on 4/30 by taking down a $5 45-player SNG for $85.50 on Full Tilt. I think I'll start playing more of those and more 27-player ones.

I think I'm gaining better sense on my player reads and situational play. Like knowing when to fold AK PF and when to call raises with 98s in relation to stack sizes, blinds, and post-flop position. My patience is fitting right in, also. Always thinking ahead. Sure, I still make some mistakes. But it's much better for me to realize what they are right away and feel satisfied in that. I haven't had that feeling much in cash games.

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