Friday, April 2, 2010

Stick's March 2010 Poker Results

The month started bad, ended good, and my tourney results ended near even. But some bad cash game results while chasing some bonuses caused me to end down -$58 overall.

Right now, I can see exactly what is wrong with my cash stats (too passive preflop, too aggro post), but I really didn't get into analyzing that during the month. I really concentrated on my SNG's and I think it really paid off in the fact that I made a comeback from some early-month losses.

I'm still feeling good about my SNG game and have fixed some leaks along the way. I hope to step up to $10 STT's this month on Stars and stay with $5 2TT's on Full Tilt.

I also won the MVP Award in the 2010 Winter Team Poker League. Our team didn't go too far, but I am proud of my individual achievement since I haven't won much like this before in Poker. I played 9 out of the 40 league games while representing my team and averaged nearly a 2nd place finish in them. Sure, some luck helped. But having the best average score while playing the most games of any player in the league on any team (meaning more chances to screw up) takes at least a bit of skill also IMO. So I'm satisfied.

The prize for MVP was a $40 poker book, so I'll looking forward to adding that to my collection.

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AW said...

Hey, just found your blog today.

I like it a lot, I'll be following your results and it's awesome that you do book reviews.

Nice job with the tournaments in March. I would say that at these stakes your VPIP/PFR ratio should be smaller. But also, these results are over such a small sample.

Anyway, I'm an aspiring microstakes player and writer myself. It would be awesome if you'd take a look at my site and drop me a line if you want to build some community.