Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stick's Mid-March 2010 Poker Update

Wow. Just realized I haven't posted since the 1st. But I'm on Twitter almost every day: or see the right side margin of my blog for my tweets.

As I neared the completion of my FTP bonus by playing 25NLHE cash tables, it seems the doomswitch turned on. Lost 4 buy-ins 1 day just as I finished the bonus. Then I switched back to SNG's and didn't do much better. Went on a 3-for-26 ITM streak. So I switched over to Stars SNG's and did just a little better, but still losing. More aggro Euros there. Tons of wasteful shoves. You can only fold for so long until the blinds become a factor. Down $140 so far this month, but have lots of it left to catch up.

Going to Downtown Reno soon for the wife's B-day & St. Patty's Day. Pleasure trip. Poker unlikely. Really. ;)

Still have taxes to do. Cheers.

RIP Corey Haim

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