Monday, March 1, 2010

Stick's February 2010 Poker Summary

The bad streak has ended! February is my 1st positive month in the last 5. Ended +$264. YAY! Got a couple bonuses that helped, but my play has improved also.

Getting good results in SnG's. 4-tabling and doing well. My spot-picking, patient style seems to work most of the time. Suckouts happen and I still catch myself making some mistakes, but they are much fewer and hurt less than when I was grinding cash games.

Still played a little bit of cash this month. Mostly for an FTP bonus I'm still working on.

For next month, I'll try for 150 games (tourneys). Still have to finish up my FTP bonus and it's quicker to clear if I play cash games, but that shouldn't take long. Gotta find time to do our taxes, too.

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