Thursday, February 11, 2010

SnG's FTW, Finally!

Hopefully not jinxing my good run and progress, I shall describe my latest success in SnG's.

Looks like my patient, but selectively aggressive playing style is suited for something after all. I should have known. I've been doing well this month and well for a while at Full Tilt, as evidenced by these TopShark graphs:

The graphs are from mostly $5/$6 games, but there are a few higher and lower in there also. I wasn't aware how well I was doing over my last 1005 games at FTP, but I had a feeling I was doing alright this month. I'm not really sure how I'm doing it, though. Just playing my game, reading my opponents, and trying to get my money in ahead. While reviewing hands since the 1st, I've found very few mistakes and it seems most of my losses are due to suckouts. If I lose when I get it in at a 75% fave, I'm fine with that.

I'm playing 4 $5 games at a time at FTP and trying to stay away from turbos. If I decide to bump it up to 6, I'll have to combine with Stars to get enough running concurrently. But it's not as bad as UB.

Anyway, I hope my good run continues. After 4 bad months, I finally have some good news to share on the poker front.

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