Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010 Poker Summary

Ended January -$232. Had a bad run to start the month, then had plenty of good days. It's just that the bad days were worse. Small winners, bigger losers. Here's the damage for cash games:

I switched to SnG's in the last week of the month and felt good. I've done this before, but now I think that tournies might suit my playing style better. I have felt more comfortable the last few days. I won't give up cash games, but I think I'll start my main focus on SnG's for a while. Here's how I did in those last month:

I guess I'll start to monitor my ROI% and Finish Distribution more and post that stuff now.

I think my patient, spot-picking style could pay off if I can tune it in. I've been looking at my hand results after each game and I haven't seen as many mistakes as I did in cash. Most of my bad losses seem to have come from suckouts. This is promising.

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-iRokk said...

You ever see in SnG's when you get heads up the other player generally goes insta-aggro-donk because they can't play heads up for crap so they play ATC all in.