Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stick's Quest for Fitness: End Month 7

07/20/09 = 243 lbs(start) 30.8 BMI
08/20/09 = 235 lbs. (-8) 29.8 BMI
09/20/09 = 231 lbs. (-4) 29.3
10/20/09 = 223 lbs. (-8) 28.2
11/20/09 = 222 lbs. (-1) 28.1
12/20/09 = 222 lbs. (-0) 28.1
01/20/10 = 222 lbs. (-0) 28.1 BMI, 20.3% Body Fat
02/20/10 = 222 lbs. (-0) 28.1 BMI, 20.6% BF

Umm. I guess I should be happy I didn't gain, but the 4-month hold is pretty perplexing. I'm working my ass off in the gym 5-6 days a week and nothing. Have I been eating perfectly all the time? No. Do I have a few beers a month? Yes. But am I still eating much, much better foods overall than I did before July? YES!! If I'm not gonna lose any more weight, I might as well start drinking sodas and eating cookies again. {sarcasm} FFS!

I'm gonna chalk up the tiny rise in body fat to normal gauge fluctuation since these monitors aren't 100% accurate. Also, I've been working more on my abs over the last month and haven't seen much change. I've even tried a gastro-cleanse and a 24-hour fast (just for a fresh start for my system, not for weight loss) and still nothing.

My only other consolation is that I can still feel my fitness improving. I'm progressively lifting more weight and keeping up my stamina. I read that resistance training drops more fat than cardio, so my workout time ratio for weights-to-cardio is now about 80%-20%. The gym is still fun, but it would be even more fun if I could see more progress towards my goal of 199 lbs. and less than 18% body fat.

But I bet I could beat most of my friends arm wrestling now. ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SnG's FTW, Finally!

Hopefully not jinxing my good run and progress, I shall describe my latest success in SnG's.

Looks like my patient, but selectively aggressive playing style is suited for something after all. I should have known. I've been doing well this month and well for a while at Full Tilt, as evidenced by these TopShark graphs:

The graphs are from mostly $5/$6 games, but there are a few higher and lower in there also. I wasn't aware how well I was doing over my last 1005 games at FTP, but I had a feeling I was doing alright this month. I'm not really sure how I'm doing it, though. Just playing my game, reading my opponents, and trying to get my money in ahead. While reviewing hands since the 1st, I've found very few mistakes and it seems most of my losses are due to suckouts. If I lose when I get it in at a 75% fave, I'm fine with that.

I'm playing 4 $5 games at a time at FTP and trying to stay away from turbos. If I decide to bump it up to 6, I'll have to combine with Stars to get enough running concurrently. But it's not as bad as UB.

Anyway, I hope my good run continues. After 4 bad months, I finally have some good news to share on the poker front.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010 Poker Summary

Ended January -$232. Had a bad run to start the month, then had plenty of good days. It's just that the bad days were worse. Small winners, bigger losers. Here's the damage for cash games:

I switched to SnG's in the last week of the month and felt good. I've done this before, but now I think that tournies might suit my playing style better. I have felt more comfortable the last few days. I won't give up cash games, but I think I'll start my main focus on SnG's for a while. Here's how I did in those last month:

I guess I'll start to monitor my ROI% and Finish Distribution more and post that stuff now.

I think my patient, spot-picking style could pay off if I can tune it in. I've been looking at my hand results after each game and I haven't seen as many mistakes as I did in cash. Most of my bad losses seem to have come from suckouts. This is promising.

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