Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stick's 2009 Year End Poker Results

I'll just get to the point like usual: My year sucked poker-wise. I ended up -$489.28. If it weren't for some bonuses I obtained, it would have been a lot worse. It was the last 3 months that did me in. I was -$816 during that stretch.

Here's my 2009 cash games graph & stats. You can see where I would have been without tourneys and bonuses.

"So Stick, what do you think was the problem?" Well, I think I'm still searching for a playing style that works for me. When I tried being aggressive, I overdid the stealing & two/three barreling and would get committed to the river too often. But when I backed off and tried being a bit more passive, I'd see too many flops and get caught drawing, etc. In 2010, I really need to find the balance between the 2 and lock into a comfortable playing style that I can win with. I guess that can be my New Year's resolution since I've been losing weight since July. :)

Here are my tourney stats. It looks like I played more SNG's than I thought.

That ROI is pitiful, but I still came out ahead. I think I should be playing less SNG's in 2010, but still a few to keep the rust off.

So to summarize: Still searching for a comfortable style. Still learning. Need to play more hands, specifically cash games. Need to win more... duh.

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