Friday, January 8, 2010

December 2009 Results

Again, putting more time on Twitter and Facebook than the blog. But I think that'll change. I was briefly considering ditching the blog, but then I saw poker coaches who are on FB, Twitter, a blog, plus make videos, coach, and play personal sessions nearly every day. I think it just boils down to time management, at which I am terrible. I'll work on it. There's always somethin', huh?

As for December, it sucked. Started off OK, but then had a week-long downswing in the middle that I never recovered from. Ended -$206 overall. Here's the damage:

Same story. Bad showdowns. Struggling to find a balance between aggression and passivity. Pots lost are bigger than pots won. I did get stacked off to a few evil suckouts, but not enough to blame for the entire month. $25NLHE is no longer for "tuning up" for me. It is now my home until I feel I can consistently beat it, regardless of my bankroll. I don't mind, though. Been playing for 4 years and I feel I still have lots to learn.

Up Next: 2009 Year End Results/Summary.

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