Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November 2009 Results

-$216 for Nov. 09. Again, not pretty. I dropped down to 25NL and thought I had it figured out by being just a bit more passive (42.6% PFR-to-VPIP ratio). But that only lasted a short time. I began staying with bad kickers and chasing overly optimistic implied odds to the river and folding. I think I need to work on adjusting to each table. I gotta pick my spots better instead of trying to force things.

Anyway, here's the damage. Note the "All-in EV" line. I thought I hit more suckouts than that. Looks like I was actually on the lucky side.

I'm doing OK in SNG's, so I might try more of those. I think they might fit my style of play better than cash at the moment. Maybe I'll make a video, too.

Been all over Twitter and Facebook lately. Good stuff on there. Cheers.


Adam Van Wildest said...

sick graph

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