Monday, November 2, 2009

October 2009 Results

Simply put: My post-flop play sucks right now.

It didn't used to. I used to have a tight overall game that I could tweek when I had to. But then I started to increase my pre-flop aggression and steal %. This seemed to result in my perceiving opponents playing back at me more and pulling off aggro bluffs since they don't believe me. At 50NL, I was getting 3-bet more often than usual and it led me to think they were bluffing since they thought I was bluffing first.

So I'd either get my money in bad preflop/flop OR I'd get committed on the turn. I even took off a total of 13 out of 31 days, sprinkled in between bad sessions to make sure I wasn't tilting or something. The only thing that seemed to help was moving back down to 25NL the last couple of days of the month and playing a bit more passively there.

I did win $9 at a Halloween party home game, though. So the total end result was a -$364 loss for the month.

I even tried a few FT points SnGs and sucked at those.

So I've started to play a few more SnGs this month in hopes I can work on my post-flop play more. Since tournament chips are more valuable, maybe I'll be less inclined to get committed. We'll see how it goes.

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