Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 2009 Results

Another "good news/bad news" month.

Good News: I ended up the month +$114 profit. Tuned my aggression some more and had another flat NSD Winnings red line.

Bad News: The +$114 was only possible due bonuses totalling $208. I would have ended up -$94 without them. Still getting crushed at showdown, too. I think my PF & flop aggression has still been getting me committed on the turn. But I also have been running into some killer suckouts. I included my "All-in EV" line in the graph as proof.

(Only played 1 MTT all month.)

During the last few days, I brought back just a smidgen of my old passivity and it seemed to pay off some. Maybe in a "changing gears" respect. Still kept up my Steal % and 3-bet %, though. I think I'm getting a feel for a good balance. Yay!

Still gotta play more hands. Averaged 600 per day. Would be nice to double that. But I still played enough to clear my Take 2 goal on FTP and I made Goldstar on Stars. So not too bad, I guess.

I've been spending a decent amount of time on Twitter and Facebook as of late. Might be worth tuning into (Twitter, at least) as I talk about my new bicycle, my weight loss progress, and a feature/series I call "My Gym Observations". Up to part 5 now.

I'm reading another poker book right now and should have a review very soon. I know I've said this before, but this book seems to be a breeze ...and that's actually a bad thing in this case. Stay tuned.

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