Monday, October 19, 2009

Sad Day: Sacramento Brewing Co. Closes

Sad news that Sacramento Brewing Company closed today and joined the number of recent closures of on-site Sacramento Area breweries.

First report I saw is here:

From the brewmaster, here:

Personally, I always thought of SBC as Sacramento's main craft brewery and every place else was just a part of the category. Not sure why I did. Maybe it was because it had the word "Sacramento" in its name. Or maybe it was because they had a bigger reputation than most, especially after they started bottling. Sure, it's not the oldest in Sacto. But to me, it always seemed to do well in carrying the weight of having the city's name in it's own name. Whether I planned to buy some or not, I always noticed the SBC packaging when I browsed any particular craft brew isle. "Oh look. They have Sac Brew here." In my mind, I guess it gave the store more credibility.

So away goes the beer with the city's name. A craft brewery making stellar beers, but apparently the victim of a less than stellar frontside restaurant in our less than stellar economy in which only the "stellar" seem survive. I know the beer could still live up to carrying the name. It just can't carry the restaurant any longer. I've celebrated a few Father's Days & birthdays there and the frontside seemed fine. Just not award-winning to me like the beer. Too bad they can't just close the dining room and keep brewing.

But it seems we in the Sac area will still be blessed by having SBC's brewmaster, Peter, brewing in Sacramento. More on that here:

So let's not forget to support our local Sac area on-site brewers. Our local culture can't afford to lose any others, imo. Here's a link list of those I know of or have learned of:

Rubicon Brewing Co.

River City Brewing Co.

Brew It Up

Hoppy Brewing Co.

Mary's Pizza Shack (in Roseville)

Sudwerk (in Davis)

Let me know if I've missed any. I'd surely want to try them all.

Cheers to Sac Brewing. You will be missed.

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