Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool IM/Social Site App Called Yoono

I just discovered the coolest little desktop app called "Yoono" that ties all your social sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and your instant messaging (like AIM and MSN) together. No more having to check the sites or IM client separately.

So when any of the accounts you linked to Yoono gets updated or receives a message, it gets listed in the app. You can also turn on these little pop-up notifications that pop up and down in the bottom right corner of your screen as updates happen. The settings are easy.

So far, it doesn't seem to slow down my computer. Plus, I like how you can adjust how much or how little you see in the update window and/or pop-ups. Thumbs up!

It's FREE, so download Yoono here:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 2009 Mid-Month Update

Good news & bad news this month so far.

Good news: My NSD winnings are steady (flat or slight up-curve) for the first time since I can remember.

Bad news: I'm getting crushed at showdown. My SD winnings (or lack of) are killing me.

I'm playing 11/7/1.8 and loving it, but W$SD% is 42 and I'm -$209 for the month. I have made quite a few bad calldowns and stack-offs when I have felt either committed or disbelieving. Plus it would be nice to get my AF over 2.

Time to work on post-flop play, I guess.

Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Make & Install a Custom Full Tilt Poker Avatar

I'd seen the question come up a few times in the past about if there was a way to make your own avatars on Full Tilt Poker. I had know that there was, but that the custom avatars can only be seen on the player's computer on which the custom files are installed (meaning no one else can see them because they aren't installed on anyone's computer but yours). But people still wondered and I never really took the time to find out how to do it.

So the most recent time I saw the question come up, people showed interest and one guy said it was easy. So I asked him to design a tutorial similar to my background instructions for folks to try.

So here it is. Special thanks to "DogzBestFrnd" on the forum for putting the following together:

This tutorial assumes you have a photo editing program, like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements, and some basic knowledge of it.

1) You need to decide which stock avatar you want to use as a base for your custom avatar. This is what you will look like to the rest of Full Tilt, but you will be changing how you see it. To find these files, go to your Full Tilt Poker folder and navigate to "Graphics/Table/Avatars/Public". Ignore the "private" and "pro" files. Find the view tab near the top left of your window and sort the public folder by large icons so you can kinda see which one is which without having to open each one.

2) Once you find the one you want to use, copy (not "cut" or "move") the entire folder for that avatar and paste it somewhere safe in case you want to change back to the original look later.

3) Now it's time to make your avatar. Select the picture that has the element in it that you want to use and open it in your picture editor. You can crop the image so you are very close to the part you want to use.

4) Now resize the resulting pic to 114x164 pixels. Then use your freehand selection tool to trace just the part you will want in the avatar. See pic:

5) Right-click and copy the cutout element. Then open a new canvas while still leaving the other pic open. Right-click on the new canvas and select paste the element as "New Selection". You want "new selection" so you can move it around a bit to get it centered nicely, etc. Your new picture should be 114x164 with a transparent background. See pic:

6) First, save your cutout element as a file that is native for your editor and put it in your safe folder. This will make it easier to tweek it if you need to make changes later. Then you can save your new avatar as a PNG file (portable network graphics). If it asks to merge it, click "OK". Name it anything you like but try not to name it "0","1","2" or "3" for now. Save it in your safe folder, also (maybe next to the originals you copied).

7) Now to put it in your Full Tilt files. Make sure your Full Tilt software is closed. Go back to your Full Tilt Poker folder and find your "Graphics/Table/Avatars/Public/#" again. The "#" is the folder with the stock avatar you chose as your base before. (The example below is 9.) Pick one of the emotion poses inside that folder (0,1,2,or 3). Delete the one you want to replace and then paste your new avatar in there. The rename it to the proper #. Mine is 3. See pic:

Now open your Full Tilt software and sit at any table. You may have to change your avatar's emotions to see you new avatar. If you like it, cool! But if it needs changes, just open your picture editor again and bring up the native version of the element. Edit and save 2 versions like before and re-install the changed avatar.

NOTE: You have to close the entire Full Tilt software and reopen it for any changes to reload & be seen.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August 2009 Results

Started off the month kinda up & down. Made a video and got some help to plug some leaks in my game. Felt like I was doing well the last part of the month until the last 2 days. Still ended up with +$243 profit. Still feel good about that.

This is the flattest my NSDW line has been in years:

Disappointed that I didn't even get in 10K cash hands. Also, have to be smarter when going to showdown. That's the leak I have to work on this month. It would be nice to get in 20K cash hands this month, too.

I'm currently reading a book called "Practical Poker Math" to try to help me better recognize my calling strength. But it might take me another while to finish since I'm also reading a diet book AND a back fitness book. Ironic for a guy with reading problems.