Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July 2009 Results

Another crappy month. Ended up -$211. Began the month wanting to switch to SNGs, but gave that up after a couple of bad runs lasting a couple of days each. So much time invested and very, very difficult to make a comeback. I don't know how SNG/MTT players do it.

Anyway, here's the ugliness:

I've decided to switch back to cash games and really work on my game. I've got to find my leaks and start crushing. I have a StoxPoker membership that's paid up 'til November, so I think it's time to stop effing around and start using it. Duh!

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WVHillbilly said...

Watch the FR vids by James SplitSuit Sweeny. He's got a tight not overly aggressive style that might suit you.

gl and if you'd like to talk through hands or anything, send me a PM.