Sunday, August 23, 2009

FTP Mods: NEW Removal of Full Tilt Poker Felt Table (update 7/09)

FTP's latest software upgrade actually made it easier to remove the table felt than before.

For those who don't know, my raw JPEG Full Tilt table mod files are just backgrounds with a nice table outline and custom graphics on them. So Full Tilt's overlay file resembling table felt blocks the customized center portions of my table backgrounds. In order to remove this "green monster", follow this procedure:

NOTE: My mod files are racetrack tables. If you want to do this for your "classic" tables also, just navigate to the "NewTable>Classic>Backgrounds" folder instead of the "NewTable>Racetrack>Backgrounds" folder.

ALSO: I suggest you read the whole thing first and to make sure you understand everything. Then read it again when you want to start.

1) Find your Full Tilt Poker software folder and navigate to "Full Tilt Poker>Graphics>NewTable>Racetrack>Backgrounds" folder.

2) Locate the "table.svg" file and right-click it. Select "Cut" and now navigate to a personal folder where you can keep this file in case you ever want to put it back.

3) In your keeper folder, right-click a blank spot in the folder view and select "Paste". Now the FTP felt table file is saved for future desired re-use.

4) Start your FTP software and the table felt should be gone and your beautiful table center should appear in all its glory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It worked after I changed the name of the Table.svg file to OldTable.svg

Thanks very much! :)