Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow! My SnG's Took a Dump

In SnG play this month, I'm down $55 with an ROI of -6.7% after 90 games. Hmmm. So much for a change from cash games.

I play mostly $6 STT turbos. Maybe change to regular speed? Multi-table? Back to cash?

"Jeez, Stick. It's only been 13 days." Yeah, but I've been playing these for a long time. I should be doing better. Maybe there was a reason I switched to cash a while back. Frigging confused.

I used to have a routine where I played SnG's only in the morning and cash only at nigh. Maybe I'll go back to that. I AM +$12 in cash for the month. w/e

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Custo said...

Just my opinion Stick, but if u wanna make money playing the turbo $6 the key is volume! I haven't played 1 game at a time in so long cause it only takes that one hand where your opponent is 2% and hits to make you bubble and it sends you all downhill from there. Try playing 4 at a time and just make solid decisions. Tight at start then shoving based on ICM. Reality is at this level 95% of people don't take then serious enough to warrant someone really trying, you need to smash through games and really play heaps.

My 2 cents

Good luck