Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking For a Simpler Way to Mod The New FTP

Since the new (horrible) Full Tilt Poker update, all these great FTP table mods (right margin of the blog) are a lot tougher to implement. There is a way to do it by modifying the software's XML coding, but that is way too difficult for most of the public. Getting rid of the table felt is now super simple (cards, too), but I'm looking for a simple way to install table mods.

If anyone has a solid & simple way to install custom tables to the new FTP software or a link to one, please add a comment to this post. The first person to do so, and I find their method to fit what I'm looking for (simplicity), will be the recipient of their own custom FTP table designed by Stick.

Hurry! Contest void if I find my own method first! Cheers.

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