Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009 Results

Ended the month at +$230 only because of another Stars bonus I bought with FPPs.

My cash stats sucked. My SNG stats ruled. Now I'm switching to SNG's. Simple.

Here's something that stuck out at me, though. Big negative W$woSD at 50NL:

Hmmm. Getting bluffed or getting caught bluffing too much (IE double barreling)? Dunno and almost don't care since I'm switching to SNG's.

My SNG $/hr should go up now that I'll be playing more $10-$16 buy-ins.

Did I mention that I'm switching to SNG's?

1 comment:

Steven said...

If you are doing well with S&Go's no reason to feel like you have to play cash games. Now just keep crushing the S&G's.