Friday, May 1, 2009

April 2009 Results

A month of lots of little upswings and a few big downswings results in a -$213 total:

I thought that increasing my 50NL PFR/VPIP ratio from around 33 to around 41 would bring good results. But it seems like it only gets me committed more postflop and more susceptible to poor showdowns. I don't know if my play is predictable to most of the regs I play or if I'm reading them wrong. I used to get better reads when I played more passively. Not sure what to do now. I think I'll try some coaching and maybe make a video.

My tourney stats weren't too bad:

I play mostly $6 6-player turbo SNG's, but there were a few other types mixed in there. I wouldn't mind playing more SNG's, but I need to keep my FPP's up on PokerStars and cash games are the only way to do that. BTW, I didn't make Goldstar this month. I think I let my focus drift and I got lazy. Still battling energy/sleep issues. Must find a cure.

I've been neglecting my reading. Trying to finish "NLHE: Theory & Practice", but been lazy with that, too. I'm on the last portion of the book where it gives short tips. Great stuff there, if I can only finish it. I swear a book review is coming.

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