Monday, May 11, 2009

Annie Duke Told The Truth, Not Rivers

Through all of Joan Rivers' berating and viciously insulting Annie Duke and people who also participate in Annie's profession (poker players, including me and most of my readers), there were also Rivers' numerous accusations of lying by Annie Duke which were never, ever proven.

However, Rivers committed a hugely blatant lie on national TV for all to see (by saying that the designer didn't quit because of her) and she still got rewarded with the Apprentice title. Ironically, the basis of this lie (insulting the design company owner and causing him to pull all design help from the show at the 11th hour) is what many believe tipped the scales in Rivers' favor in winning the final task.

Read more about Rivers' lie here:

Also, many believe Trump clearly chose Rivers' for her star power and US-based charity ties, even though Annie Duke outplayed everyone throughout the entire game and kept things on a professional level without getting personal. If Trump actually had to hire one of these 2 as an employee he had to directly deal with and he had to trust them with important professional decisions, who do you think he would REALLY choose? The answer is painfully obvious.

GG Annie. Trump and NBC are rigged.

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icemonkey9 said...

Not sure if you've watch the show before but in previous seasons players have "cheated" and Trump didn't give a damn. I enjoyed the audible gasps when Rivers said Annie was a liar, and when Melissa Rivers said she wasn't embarrassed at her tirade.

After watching that finale I looked at my wife and said "I wish I had the last 2 hours of my life back."