Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Results

Ended the month -$430. I feel like I played well, but I guess my stats say I didn't. Very swingy. Dunno if I had some mild bouts of tilt or just a few clusters of tough beats. Or maybe a bit of both. LOL.

I've been told I need to raise more preflop. But when I do, it seems like I get into more trouble post-flop. As can be seen in my graph above, my showdowns seem to dictate my winnings. Also, I seem to run into loose tables where taking the lead doesn't seem optimal. So I play passively and my PFR% lowers. If I could flatten out my "Non-Showdown Winnings", I think I'd be OK. Hmmmm. Some consistency, please.

Only played a few SNG's. Made a little in those.

I just upgraded my HEM from 1.07 to beta 1.08.22. Seems nice so far. Still a few minor bugs, but thankfully nothing major. Still getting used to the Tourney section. Importing my old tourney hands from PT2 was easy enough. Only had 10 errors out of 22,230 hands imported.

Haven't been reading much. Been trying to work on my game more, I guess. Finally did our taxes and I guess I'm officially a "professional" poker player now since I seem to fit the guidelines in how poker fits my life. It's my only "job", so it fits. Now to step it up so I can see some real income. My family would like that, too.

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