Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stick's Update: Near Month-end & Twitter

About breaking even since my last poker update. Still around -$200 for the month. Tough to stay aggressive at 50NL when I run into so many loose players. The only way to capitalize is to PF limp and let them bet when I hit the flop. A very passive approach by me. C-bets are usually trouble vs loose donkeys. Oh well. I guess it's good to be able to adapt.

I've had a Twitter account for a couple years, but I just now started really getting into it. It's just as fun to follow other people and celebs as it is to post things about myself. I've added my Twitter feed in the right side margin of the blog. My Twitter ID is Stick66.

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The Spore said...

That's an adjustment I made to my game for the micros. I wouldn't have thought it would apply to 50NL. Limping in and trapping post-flop is a great way IMO to take the fish to school. You try to play too aggressive post-flop and those fish will just swarm you.

Keep up the work, -$200 at 50NL is definitely in variance range so it looks like you're doing it right.. just ride out the swing.

Good luck!