Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mid-March 2009 Update

During the first week of March, I went on a $500 slide over a few days. But I've been slowly crawling back and I'm only -$211 now. I think I tilted a little in there, but most were coolers against huge donks. A good amount of 4-1 suckouts against me, but I'll live. I'm still shamefully stacking overpairs VS sets & 2 pairs, but a bit less now. My aggression is slowly rising at 50NL and I'm pretty happy with how I've been playing over the last 10 days or so.

Since Stars lowered their requirements for their VIP levels, it looks like I'll make Goldstar quite easily this month. Too bad I won't have a dramatic climb to reach it like I did last month. I guess I'll have to try for Platinum Star soon then. Maybe in a couple months.

I left the Loyaler group at Cardschat a few days ago for sanity reasons. I figured I was too tempted to inject my opinion into all the controversial stuff that goes on in there. Since I have mixed it up so much in past discussions, it seems there was an overall over-sensitivity to my comments as a whole (which for the most part I thought were polite and acceptable). I concluded that I didn't think I could avoid the temptation of clicking those links and posting anymore, so I decided to remove the temptation altogether. Kinda like a crack addict avoiding his old hangouts to stay clean. I think I lost a few friends in there and I don't want to lose any more of them. So far, I feel great since I left and I think I made the correct decision. I'm still staying active in the regular sections there because I still <3 Cardschat.

I'm still reading "NLHE: Theory & Practice", though it hasn't been as often. I've been having sleeping problems and I've been putting all my energy into playing solid poker sessions. I've been neglecting doing my taxes, too. Bad boy, I am.

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The Spore said...

Just make sure your VIP quests don't affect your game too much. The benefits of reaching the next level are good but not enough to justify any significant change to your play. Not saying you are, just saying be careful :)

On the loyaler thing.. I was a loyaler once a couple years ago, and it was fairly stagnant back then.. things must be fairly different in there now because I don't remember much in the way of controversy back in the day. But I would say given the circumstances, if it is a temptation to get mixed up in the politics and it has been a distraction then leaving the group was probably a good decision.

Good luck for the rest of the month!