Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February 2009 Results

Pretty good month, actually:

The last part of the month sort of leveled off, but February was a good month overall. I made a total profit of $917. That includes $608 on cash games, a $285 FPP-purchased bonus, and a tiny bit of SnG's. I made Goldstar at the last moment and I even raised my PFR/VPIP Ratio from the mid-30's to the low 40's. I've also finally figured out how to get myself locked into longer sessions. That bodes well for the future.

As of this writing, March hasn't started out too well. I'm down 6 buy-ins in 2.5 days, but I have plenty of time to fix that. I already recognized some mistakes I made and I think I tilted some. All easy fixes.

I got put on the wait list for jury duty in my county and I don't mind serving if needed. I just hope I'll still have time to keep up my poker. We'll see.


Anthony said...

Congrats on the good month! 25k hands! Very nice. You're a heck of a lot further along than I am, I just struggled to break back even after a nice downslide. I think I've figured some things out myself.

Anyway, good luck in March!

The Spore said...

Sorry wrong account!