Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stick's Quest for Goldstar By Feb 28th

This month, I've been kinda slacking off on my playing. Many dumb excuses, but they're mostly just distractions rather than serious events. So I think there is enough time left in the month to try to keep my Goldstar VIP ranking on PokerStars. Over the next 11 days, I'll be chronicling my quest here since it seems like it will take some work and discipline. Kind of a nice goal to shoot for, too.

Here is where I sit midday on 2/18/09:

I figure if I play 9 tables at 50NL for 2 hours a day over the last 11 days of February, I will make Goldstar by the 28th. I've been playing mostly 25NL so far this month (another reason my VPP's are short), but I just cleared a $285 bonus and my BR is just fine to move up.

I just hope I don't fall into bonus tilt like I have in years passed. Plus, my daughter's birthday is coming up in a few days. So I'll have to manage my time wisely. Wish me luck. I'll keep posting updates every couple days.

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WVHillbilly said...

Good luck Stick. Quit your slacking!