Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goldstar Quest - OMG! I Did It!!!!

With only 20 minutes to spare:

Last night, my wife and kid went to bed at 11:30 and I wasn't tired. So I started a poker session and just got into a mental zone. My sessions usually only last for 45 - 85 minutes, but last night I was locked in and went for 3.5 hours. Even though I ended down 1.5 buy-ins, I felt I only made a couple mistakes and ended up earning over 500 VPP's. So today I was only 410 VPP's short of Goldstar and I decided to go for it. I waited until the last minute too, since I watched my Sharks lose to the Habs. I played tonight for 3.25 hours and hit Goldstar only 20 minutes before the PokerStars deadline.

Even though I lost a little bit of profit, it still feels great to hit this goal. It's especially nice after I had given up nearly all hope in a previous post. I also think I learned a bit about myself and how to get myself locked in for a long session. Before now, I never thought I could play for more than 2 hours at a time without getting restless and losing concentration. Now with this new development, I'm hoping my poker progress will shift into a higher gear.


WVHillbilly said...

Congrats, Stick. I figured there was no way you were going to make it after seeing how far behind you were in your last post. Good job!

Steven said...

Congrats on making Gold Star, that is great. Watch out now that you seem to have figured out how to grind longer longer sessions. You will be platinum in no time.

The Spore said...