Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goldstar Quest - 5 Days Left; Hope Fades

Status morning of 02/24/09:

Goal beginning to look out of reach. I can't seem to put together some long sessions to catch up. Since my first post in the final "quest", I've only been able to average just over 1.5 hours of play per day. But my results are still good for the time I do play. I'll need about 280 VPP's per day to do this, which works out to be about 1750 hands per day. That would be about 3.5 hours per day 9-tabling at 50NL. I'm pretty sure that's out of the question. Oh well. We'll still see how close I can get.

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Icemonkey9 said...

Yeah it looks like with your given time available for poker you'll fall short. But that shouldn't matter just keep playing the point is to make money and increase that bankroll.

Next month is when you should really look at your time management for poker since the requirements for goldstar are being made easier. Good luck!