Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Lovely !!!

Since my last post which was based on my half-month progress, I've proceeded to lose 10 buy-ins at 50NL.

Kinda tough to swear off superstitions when crap like this happens. Frickin' coincidence that I go on this terrible downswing immediately after I post my stats. Boggles the mind.

I got a bit aggro for a day or so, but I think I got a hold of that quickly. I actually feel like I played well during the last half of this downswing. I did make a couple bad reads that cost me, but most of my losses were some wicked beats. My pocket Aces and Kings were cracked by hidden sets, unlikely trips, and longshot suckouts. But it could be possible that I still haven't learned to spot sets and to figure out that maniacs DO get premium hands now and again.

But I sure am happy that I'm handling it well. I'm really proud that I have an excellent grasp on my tilt and that I have the confidence to keep pushing forward. I think it really helps to be able to analyze my own play so well. I think the worst tilt is when a player has no clue what is wrong and gets overwhelmed by desperation.

I'm sitting at $11 total profit with only 8 days left in the month, but no sweat. I was up as high as $550 at one time this month, but no biggie. My confidence is strong and I feel like I can weather the swoon. Poker is still FUN!

Lately, I've seen a few guys on Cardschat really have a tough time handling their downswings and even go as far as to limit their poker progression by refusing to move up in stakes or withdrawing most of their bankroll for fear of losing it. There may be underlying reasons for their actions (desire, bills, etc.), but I think it's mostly about confidence. And I still think confidence comes from knowledge. I think if a player knows what is happening to them, whether it be good or bad, then they can better understand what they should keep doing or stop doing. Grasp that and all the rest falls into place, imo. Let's hope I myself can keep a good grasp on things.


WVHillbilly said...

Tough run, Sticker. I really think you need to work on making the difference between your VPIP and PFR much smaller. Something like 2% difference seems to work best. As for your agg. factor it's pretty low. I think if you just experiment with running something like 15/13/3 for a while you'll find it to be more profitable. Not saying you can't win with your current style, but it's almost certainly more difficult.


Stick said...

Yeah, thx HB. I'm thinking that's what I need to do, but I'm not sure how. If I bring my PFR% higher, will I be wasting money by having to fold? Or if I lower my VPIP%, will I become a nit? And my AF is lowish because I have the impression that my C-bets don't get enough respect and I'm afraid to 2-barrel, too. I guess I'll try to find other ways to fine tune like less setmining and more aggression with AK & less with AJ/KQ. Cheers, man.

WVHillbilly said...

The easiest thing to do to increase your PFR is to just stop limping. If you feel like you want to limp behind a couple of other limpers, raise instead. You won't be throwing $$ away because you'll be playing more pots where you were the aggressor, in position, and in HU or 3-way pots. Seriously, just the next time you play make it your only goal not to limp the entire session and see how it works.