Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Year-End Results & 2009 Goals

I had the best year of my poker career with a $1556 profit, but I know I can do better. Here's my 2008 online cash game graph:

The first 40K hands were during a period when I was playing SNG's slightly more often than cash games. Probably a 60/40 difference. Then I decided to switch to playing mostly cash games around July/August (probably 10/90) and went on a nice little run at 50NL. Note the spike near the middle. Then I got too cocky and came down to earth. I had to drop back down to 25NL and it took me about 3 months to recover from my downswing. I worked on my game and had a nice run in December.

Here's my stats breakdown for the year:

The only thing that I can see in those stats is that my AF was higher at 50NL than at 25NL. There was a time when I hated to check a flop when I was the PF raiser. But that stat is nearly the same at 10NL, so I dunno. I seem to have done better with some passivity at 25NL, but I think the stakes levels play differently. So what works in one might not in the other. I think I'll take another shot at 50NL very soon.

Also for the year, I had a $112 profit in my live play and a $490 profit in my online STT/MTT play. My online tourney ROI% was about 11 and I played 47,962 tourney hands. So my total online hands played was about 170K. That's around 465 hands per day. I feel good about that considering my concentration problems. I see some people play 2000-2500 per day and I would be plenty happy with 1K. I'll see what I can do about that.

I'm leery of setting goals because I feel so bad when I don't reach them, but I'll try to set some within reason...

2009 GOALS:
- Play a minimum of 20K cash hands per month. I did it once when I really tried, so I guess I'll have to cut down on my SNG play to do it consistently.
- Move up to 50NL soon and get to 100NL by the end of the year. I was at 50NL for 6 weeks last summer, so I should have no problem moving up twice this year.
- Make "Goldstar" VIP level on PokerStars. Should be easy after I hit 50NL.
- Take my poker knowledge to the next level. I feel I'm a pretty damned good player now, but I want to be able to dig deeper and understand more poker concepts. To study and retain more would be nice.

Cheers to a great 2009 for all.

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