Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Lovely !!!

Since my last post which was based on my half-month progress, I've proceeded to lose 10 buy-ins at 50NL.

Kinda tough to swear off superstitions when crap like this happens. Frickin' coincidence that I go on this terrible downswing immediately after I post my stats. Boggles the mind.

I got a bit aggro for a day or so, but I think I got a hold of that quickly. I actually feel like I played well during the last half of this downswing. I did make a couple bad reads that cost me, but most of my losses were some wicked beats. My pocket Aces and Kings were cracked by hidden sets, unlikely trips, and longshot suckouts. But it could be possible that I still haven't learned to spot sets and to figure out that maniacs DO get premium hands now and again.

But I sure am happy that I'm handling it well. I'm really proud that I have an excellent grasp on my tilt and that I have the confidence to keep pushing forward. I think it really helps to be able to analyze my own play so well. I think the worst tilt is when a player has no clue what is wrong and gets overwhelmed by desperation.

I'm sitting at $11 total profit with only 8 days left in the month, but no sweat. I was up as high as $550 at one time this month, but no biggie. My confidence is strong and I feel like I can weather the swoon. Poker is still FUN!

Lately, I've seen a few guys on Cardschat really have a tough time handling their downswings and even go as far as to limit their poker progression by refusing to move up in stakes or withdrawing most of their bankroll for fear of losing it. There may be underlying reasons for their actions (desire, bills, etc.), but I think it's mostly about confidence. And I still think confidence comes from knowledge. I think if a player knows what is happening to them, whether it be good or bad, then they can better understand what they should keep doing or stop doing. Grasp that and all the rest falls into place, imo. Let's hope I myself can keep a good grasp on things.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Halftime January 2009 Update

Doing pretty well this month. I've slowly completed the move to 50NL full ring games and I'm lovin' it. 8-9 tabling regularly a taking shots at 10 every few days. The best thing I think I've been doing is recovering from setbacks. You notice on my graph that I had a noticable downswing towards the beginning, but the subsequent recovery was nearly complete the same day. I am so happy to have a grip on my tilt. I still verbally cuss at the screen, but it doesn't affect my play at all.

I think I've pretty much conquered my brag superstition. Last time I posted my progress here and dared it, I continued doing well. So here we are again.

I've been a bit afraid that the tight/semi-passive style that I've been doing well with at 25NL wouldn't translate well to 50NL. But so far, so good. I've just increased my steals a bit and stayed out of stick situations. Folding AT and AJ in EP feels kinda good for a change.

I've just gotten over being sick for a week and it seriously put a damper on my attempt to play 1K hands a day. Goldstar might still be achievable, but a bit of a stretch. Sickness affected my reading, also. But I think I'm back on track now. Gung ho!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New FTP Mod: Purple Mandala with Om

I had a friend ask if I could make a Full Tilt Poker background using this purple "mandala" his wife had saved. I gave it a shot and I think it came out pretty nice. She thanked me and told me that this particular mandala is for "Forgiveness" and the Om symbol I put in place of the chip rack is for "Manifestation". I guess it brings pretty good vibes. Enjoy.

For installation instructions, click here.
To remove FTP's center felt table, click here.
For more free FTP table mods by Stick, look in the right side margin of the blog.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stick's Pick for Funniest Video EVER!

I found this, watched it 3 times, and laughed for an hour. A true internet classic, imo.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Year-End Results & 2009 Goals

I had the best year of my poker career with a $1556 profit, but I know I can do better. Here's my 2008 online cash game graph:

The first 40K hands were during a period when I was playing SNG's slightly more often than cash games. Probably a 60/40 difference. Then I decided to switch to playing mostly cash games around July/August (probably 10/90) and went on a nice little run at 50NL. Note the spike near the middle. Then I got too cocky and came down to earth. I had to drop back down to 25NL and it took me about 3 months to recover from my downswing. I worked on my game and had a nice run in December.

Here's my stats breakdown for the year:

The only thing that I can see in those stats is that my AF was higher at 50NL than at 25NL. There was a time when I hated to check a flop when I was the PF raiser. But that stat is nearly the same at 10NL, so I dunno. I seem to have done better with some passivity at 25NL, but I think the stakes levels play differently. So what works in one might not in the other. I think I'll take another shot at 50NL very soon.

Also for the year, I had a $112 profit in my live play and a $490 profit in my online STT/MTT play. My online tourney ROI% was about 11 and I played 47,962 tourney hands. So my total online hands played was about 170K. That's around 465 hands per day. I feel good about that considering my concentration problems. I see some people play 2000-2500 per day and I would be plenty happy with 1K. I'll see what I can do about that.

I'm leery of setting goals because I feel so bad when I don't reach them, but I'll try to set some within reason...

2009 GOALS:
- Play a minimum of 20K cash hands per month. I did it once when I really tried, so I guess I'll have to cut down on my SNG play to do it consistently.
- Move up to 50NL soon and get to 100NL by the end of the year. I was at 50NL for 6 weeks last summer, so I should have no problem moving up twice this year.
- Make "Goldstar" VIP level on PokerStars. Should be easy after I hit 50NL.
- Take my poker knowledge to the next level. I feel I'm a pretty damned good player now, but I want to be able to dig deeper and understand more poker concepts. To study and retain more would be nice.

Cheers to a great 2009 for all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 2008 Results

Best month of my poker career with a +$745 profit. $572 was from 25NL cash games and the rest was from SNG's. One amazing thing about December was that I only had 4 negative days out of 31.

I'm feeling like this was more than just a great run of luck. I'm feeling more confident that I can end a session in positive numbers and I'm doing pretty well at analyzing my stats & hands. In the past, it would seem like I would just slightly anticipate my good runs ending. But not now. I'm adjusting well to my opponents and taking beats well in a way that I don't tilt. I still cuss at the screen when A5 beats my AK, but I don't let it affect my future play. Thank goodness for that. There was a time when I thought I'd never get a handle on my tilt, but no more.

Lately, I've been 9-tabling smoothly and have been adapting well to many of the regs at Stars 25NL. Seems my reading skills are holding up well during 9-table play. I've taken shots at 10, so we'll see how that goes. Also, still reading and absorbing "NLHE: T & P". Lovin' it so far.

Coming Soon: My year end results post. Don't miss it.