Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November '08 Results, Etc.

November was another negative profit month for me. Ended at -$113 overall. It would have been worse, but I had some success playing some SnG's. Here's my cash graph for November:

As you can see, I had some noticeable runs. Just a couple more bad ones than good ones. I can't say I played my best 100% of the time, but it did seem like I ran into quite a few sticky situations. It seems like I was either losing a my share of 60-75% favorites all-in or I was getting fooled by sets & straights over my big pairs. I have learned that the latter is one sign of being a TAGFish, but I hope I'm not that bad. I think it just comes from running into too many donkeys that I don't respect after I see them shove a 7-high flop with A7 versus my pocket Queens and my hand holds up. Then it seems like the next time it happens, they have a set of Sevens. When they are that donkish, it's pretty much 50/50.

I also learned that I've been getting killed by short stacks in cash games lately. I used to love to play against them because I could put them to a decision for all their chips easier. But I think my style has changed since then and I'm playing more hands. I've been c-betting weaker hands against them too much and getting committed on the turn. I think I really need to heighten my awareness of stack sizes vs. my hand strength and potential. I used to think that most short stackers had a wider range than normal, but I've run into some pretty nitty short stackers lately. I'll either have to experiment with them a bit or try to avoid them altogether.

I'm 1/3 done with "No-Limit Hold'em: Theory and Practice". I'm learning some new concepts and coming to some realizations that I need to make my play more dynamic. I'm also learning that aggression doesn't always win in every situation. There is a sector of players out there who believe in "all aggression, all the time". Steal, squeeze, iso-raise! But this book is telling me what I've known all along. It's that the aggressor only wins when the conditions are in his favor. I know I can be aggressive at any time. I just need to learn to improve my timing. This book is helping me in that respect. I'm hoping to have the book done in a few weeks so I can post a review here.

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