Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review of Daniel Negeanu's New Book

I found a review of Daniel's newest book "More Hold'em Wisdom for All Players" at PokerNews. After reading the review, I'm somewhat disappointed that Daniel didn't take the next book in his "Wisdom" series a step further. The review says it's pretty much more of the same as the first and seems geared towards the novice player. Though I liked his first book, I did think each of the 50 tips in it seemed oddly short. Now I find out that both of these books are just compilations of articles from his syndicated newspaper/newsweb column. Makes sense now.

Well, I don't need a near rehash of the first book. So I guess I'll steer clear of the new one. I've also read in some forums that his bigger "Power Hold'em Strategy" book has been perceived by some as a "Super System 2" wannabe that doesn't quite live up to the original. But I'll still try to keep an open mind about that one and keep tabs on it as it gets more readers. Gotta give Daniel a full chance to impress me. lol

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