Saturday, November 1, 2008

October 2008 Results

Welp, I finished at a -$185 profit for the month. It looked like I'd finish near even, but I had a horrible -$200 day just before month end. My game has been so up & down lately that it is really hard to pinpoint my leaks. They don't last long enough to nail down. Just long enough to lose some buy-ins. I feel like frickin' Sybil! Check out my October graph:

I've been getting advice on Cardschat about being more aggressive, but it seems like I do much better when I'm passive and pick my spots. I went back for a look at my great month of August and found my stats to be pretty passive overall. I'm back at 25NL for a while, so I can try to fine-tune my aggression. But maybe passivity is not such a bad thing for me. I seem to spew when I am aggro. Kinda confusing.

I'm gonna set a "hands played" goal for November for myself. I tried to hit 1000 the other day and did it quite easily. I started 8- and 9-tabling, so that probably helped. I don't think I ever broke 15K played in a month. So I'll make my goal 20K. That's 666 hands per day. I could probably do 30K, but I'll take it one smaller step at a time.

My purchase of HEM has been a great decision as it has helped me identify my leaks quicker and put things in better prospective for me. I can stare at a report screen for a few minutes and the info just keeps coming to me. So much to interpret. So much to revisit. Such a huge help! I have even been visiting the HEM forum on a regular basis. It's cool to keep up on how others interpret their stats and maybe learn something new that can help me more. I fully recommend HEM for any cash player right now, and for everyone in the near future since they are currently working on better tournament support in the software.

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