Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winning Team Member and Stick's Update

The Cardschat Team Event has concluded and our team won. It makes me especially proud since this is my 4th try at this event over the years and my team has always been in the bottom 2 or 3 out of 8 teams. But not this time. I also feel good in the fact that I contributed about 20% of my team's total points. In the past, I haven't been nearly as good. Plus out of 51 total players in the event, I had the 6th highest individual total points with 131. My teammate, "Alon Ipser" had the most individual points with 154, which means I wasn't far off. I've never had much success in Cardschat events overall and this latest result feels good for a change. Maybe I'll get a little more respect around the forum now. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that our team won a $100 freeroll for our 6 members. But to me, the bragging rights actually mean more.

I still think the team competition got a little out of hand with some overaggressive trash talking and some resulting hard feelings. Heck, I did a little bit too. I've done some trash talking in my life in the past. Once I even had my best friend tell me to tone it down at the pool table while playing him. But I think this event is different. I was called a bit too sensitive during some of the team discussions, but I just think that an event like this should be handled with a bit more respect than I saw. Ribbing is fine, but borderline-ugly trash talking is too much in this situation imo. We are supposed to be friends, albeit online ones.

STICK'S UPDATE: Still working hard on my cash game. Identifying leaks and tuning my aggression. I have run into some tough beats over the last few days, but I think I've played decently. It's tough to increase aggression without spewing and tough to pick your spot without being too nitty/passive. But I'm getting better at it, I think. I've gotten my VPIP/PFR ration up from around 43 to near 50. I've been told I should be around 75, but I'm not sure that suits my style. I went back and looked at my successful month of August and saw that I was somewhat passive. Getting in multiway pots with hands with huge potential or playing passive preflop and aggro postflop. I guess I'm still tinkering a bit. I'm nearing even for the month with 4 days left, but I'm pretty confident at this point that I'll end in the green.

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