Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Results: Reality Bites!

Well. After having such a great August and getting all giddy about breaking even for my poker career, September sucked and I ended the month -$370. In the first 7 days of the month, I put myself in a $560 hole mostly playing 50NL. So I alertly dropped back down to 25NL until I could figure out what the heck was going on. During my 2-week stay at 25NL, I learned that I wasn't as much of a hotshot as I thought I was in August due to the fact that I found several leaks in my game that I am still trying to fully understand. I am learning that...

  • AK should be 3-bet preflop in many cash game situations, even though it isn't a pair and might be up against one.
  • Raising preflop doesn't always mean one must always C-bet since opponents DO pick up on that and can snap those off.
  • "Fold Equity" is more than just the likelihood someone will fold.
  • The winners of the Cardschat games are rarely the most skilled players, so one should avoid them unless they can commit to most of them.

The first 3 of those are part of the technical side of poker that I knew I would have to engage sooner or later. I was kidding myself to think I could ignore that part of the game as the words of Mike Matusow would constantly ring in my head. In a reader question article in Poker Pro mag, he once told a reader to "stop reading Sklansky", meaning that he doesn't think a player should over-analyze his game. For a mostly-live player who has been playing for many years like Mike has, I would agree. But for online players who go up against math geeks of all sorts, I think the only way to be successful is to embrace the technical side of poker.

I finally came to realize that 4th leak the other day. There are Cardschat players who have good or even great results in the CC tourneys and are considered good players within the forum. But if one examines the plays that those good players win with and also considers the fact that many of the so-called "good" CC tourney players either rarely win or even play any non-CC tourneys, then that would create a decision for a prospective player considering these CC games. Either commit to most or all of the games and hope that long-term skill will outlast the rampant short-term luck in these OR avoid those games entirely. Doing like I have been doing by just playing a few here and there is not a way to profit with much consistency. Sure, it's fun to play against folks I know. But I need to make money, also. Continuously losing my buy-ins while playing correctly versus the donk luck in these games is a leak I must plug and I can't commit to most of the games while still maintaining my cash game routine.

So I have already begun to plug those first 2 leaks, I'm studying more about the 3rd, and the 4th is easily handled. I still have my confidence because I know what I'm capable of and I know I can handle any problems that can arise. So I'm actually looking forward to a great October!!

It's almost time to dye my hair black like I do nearly every year about this time for the spooky season. LOL

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