Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Kentucky, GoDaddy Does a "RollDaddy" With Domains

The fight in Kentucky over seizure of gambling-related domain names rages on. quickly handed over domains such as,, and But Network Solutions has stood tall and has gone to Kentucky to defend the domains they hold. Looks like is gonna lose a bunch more business than they originally thought. I'll bet more than just poker enthusiasts will be steering clear of for fear that they will give up the goods to any little group that threatens them. Read more here:

I had my first golf domain through Network Solutions. While they aren't the cheapest registrar, I think they certainly are the best and this story goes toward proving it.


Roy said...

Just added you to my feed Sticky. Now I can take you with me into the shithouse at work via my BlackBerry. Can't seem to be able to leave comments though.

-Four Dogs

Matthew said...

Hey is this for real? I have to read the related article, Dam US government messing with my commissions, I'm going to email my AM

Stick said...

Yes, very real. GoDaddy did do some backpedaling recently and said they only relinquished some kind of certificates regarding the domains. But the Kentucky government is still going full speed ahead on this one. I'm pretty sure it will be a waste since the entitlement of seizure are so vague in the law.

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