Monday, September 8, 2008

Well, It Was Fun While It Lasted

Over the past 5 days, I hit one wicked downswing. I mean WICKED. So wicked that I don't even want to mention any numbers right now since they are so depressing. The only thing I knew I could really do to stop it (besides taking a break, which doesn't sit well with me) was to drop back down to 25NL for a while. Then wouldn't you know, I turned it around today.

I really didn't know what happened until I looked at my PokerTracker position stats. Seems I was hemorrhaging from my blinds. I have been trying to be more aggressive and I guess calling from the blinds has been how I was doing it. Then I'd get in trouble out of position and usually showdown a bad hand or fold out after drawing for a bit. So I think I'll stay at 25NL for a week or 2 and move back up when I get some more practice on my blinds play.

Also, I really noticed some key differences between 50NL and 25NL (at least on Stars). There are far more multi-way pots at 50NL. Seems people love to stick around with mediocre hands and call down 2nd pair. C-betting is much tougher when people won't fold enough to make it worthwhile. At 25NL, it seems like there are more HU or 3-way pots and C-betting works better. There are tons of similarities between the 2 stakes, but I think the points I just mentioned are the 2 biggest differences. I guess I'm a C-bettor and I figured out that I was spewing chips at 50NL by having to fold the turn or river after being called OOP. I don't know if the 50NL players caught on to me or if they just liked chasing mediocre hands. I'll have to change my strategy in that department before I jump back up there.

In a way, I feel kinda stupid for getting all excited about my big milestone I hit last month. But then again, I'm pretty sure I can snap out of it and get back up to where I was. Confidence is key.

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