Friday, September 26, 2008

Stick's Random Update

Well. Poker has been OK lately. I have been doing fine at 25NL, but still doing somewhat poorly at 50NL. I didn't know what the problem was until I was on Skype with a buddy last night. We were using the Mikogo screen sharer to look at my PT2 stats and he noticed something. My flop aggression factor at 50NL was double what it was at 25NL. I interpret this to mean that I have been C-betting too much at 50NL and my opponents have been picking them off. I'm not sure exactly how to fix this. I just can't fathom not betting a flop after I have raised PF. A flop check after a PF raise to me seems wimpy, but it is a leak I have to fix. Maybe I'll try raising less often PF or just a few flop check-raises to set up flop checks later. I'll see how it goes.

I'm also getting stoked about the NHL season starting soon. I'm in 2 Yahoo fantasy leagues and I'm a huge San Jose Sharks fan. Jeez, I might even try to make it to a game this year. I think Boyle and Blake will help us tremendously and I think Milan and Clowe-y are ready to bust out this year. I just hope this new rookie coach who came over from the Red Wings knows what he is doing.

The NASCAR season is winding down and my favorite driver, Robby Gordon, is having his struggles on and off the track. It seems like he is not sure how his car will be or where his company is going from week to week. But he's a smart dude. I think he'll figure it out.

The annual/semi-annual/whenever Cardschat Team event is starting soon. While I like being part of a team with all the cool folks I know at Cardschat, I didn't sign up this time because of the poor showing I had last time. I'm not sure if I put too much pressure on myself in those events or what. Besides, I am enjoying the dedication I am putting towards my cash game and I want to keep the flow going. But still, GO ex-Team Sausage !! LOL

End of the month is coming soon and it looks like my profit will be in the red, but I'm gonna try to make it a good run to the end. Wish me luck. Cheers.

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