Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great August Results, But Tough September Start

I had the best month of my career in August. I made $562 profit as I moved up to 50NL ring games. The move seems great so far. It's still pretty swingy, but I seem to keep charging forward. My stats for the month were still a bit concerning, though. 14.9% VP$IP and 5.75% PFR are kinda sad looking stats, but I still made profit. Dunno how that happened. My Postflop Agg. Factor was good at 2.29, so maybe that helped. I have increased those 2 lower figures this month so far, but I've had a bad run. So maybe I have the wrong idea of what ideal stats are.

Speaking of this month, I had a rough couple of days already in September. I lost $275 in 2 days and it seems to be mostly bad luck. I revisited some hands and only found a couple that I thought were poorly played by me. While I don't think I believe in "jinxing" something, I may have gotten a little too excited about going above "career even" last month. Though I am back in career negative, I'm pretty sure I have the confidence to weather the storm and end with another positive month. After having such a stellar month last month and a good past 6 months or so, I know what I'm capable of and I can draw from those triumphs.

Here's a couple of the hands I ran into the last 2 days. Feel free to post any critiques of them in the "comments" section at the bottom of the post.

My unlucky river straight versus his made boat. His turn check really got me.

My KK versus her flopped set of 8's. She was pretty loose, so I wasn't too concerned with Aces or a set. Plus, I had position and a spade draw on the flop.

Typical Aces cracked and crappy position helped me double this guy up all the way down.

I could be wrong, but I don't think I played any of these too badly. Just seems like luck. Oh well. I'll keep pluggin'. No worries.

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