Thursday, September 11, 2008

Answer to the "Robby's Uprising" Question

Welp. I finally found out the answer to my posted question in regards to what happened to off-road legend and NASCAR driver, Robby Gordon's online forum called "Robby's Uprising". Rumor has it that Robby or someone from his company could have been getting weary of all the negative postings on the forum and possibly feared that the postings could jeopardize future deals with sponsors. So since the forum was run by Robby's company, rumor has it that they were the ones who pulled the plug. I think it is all completely understandable. It just would have been nice to have some notice of the site going offline. I wasn't much of a poster there, but I did read the site quite frequently.

But never fear! There is a new forum that many of the old Uprising members have migrated to. It's called Planet Robby and seems to have much of the same flavor as the old site. But this time, it is run by some of Robby's fans who seem to be committed to sticking it out through thick and thin. Go Robby! GAS ON!

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