Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stick's Update: 50NL Multi-tabling & Mikogo

The move to 50NL FR on Pokerstars is going surprisingly well. I've been doing mostly 5 tables but I've done 6 a few times. I think I will eventually get used to 6, but it could take a few weeks. Another Cardschat member named BW07507 does 10 tables at 50NL FR and made $1224 last week. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do 10 tables at a time, but I could try to do as many as I can. I'll have to ask BW how many hours a day he usually plays.

And the serious daily (even hourly) swings at 50NL continue. It's crazy. There have been a few days this month where I've lost $60-70 the first couple of hours of the day and then I've made it all back up in the evening and then some. I don't know for sure what causes these wicked swings. Do I change the way I play between day and night? Is it the difference in the type of players between day and night? (I notice more Euros playing during my day sessions. Are they better?) Or are these swings just normal for my new stakes? Stay tuned as I try to find out.

I've also started talking a lot of poker with my buddy Freakakanus. We started out using Skype to engage in our poker talk. Then I discovered a "Skype extra" called Mikogo. It is a very simple screen-sharing program that that works with Skype and allows us to discuss PokerTracker stats more extensively, sweat each other's play, etc., etc. It worked like a charm the first time we tried it and I'm thinking of making a video of one of our sweat sessions as we use Mikogo. I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to hook up with a buddy and seriously study poker or any other subject.


bw07507 said...

Didn't know you had a blog stick, will link u in mine. And btw, I mostly 12-14 table 50NL FR and I have played ~60 hours this month so far (25NL, 50NL, 100NL, FR, 6max, FPP sattys combined). Also, $50-60 swings are nothing at 50NL, so get used to them, lol. Ive had a few days where Ive been in the red $150-200 and I have been running really well. I also play a bit LAGgier than you I've noticed though so that might contribute as well. If you ever wanna do a sweat or just talk poker, u know how to find me.

Andrew_Mikogo said...

Hi Stick,

Great to hear that you're enjoying the Mikogo Skype Extra. Just to let you know, we recently made a few video tutorials about getting started, which you can see on the Mikogo YouTube channel. You're welcome to embed these in your blog for others to learn how to use the Extra.
Also feel free to let me know once you make that Mikogo sweat session video of your own. It would be great to see it.


The Mikogo Team