Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Used To Be A Fan

I used to be a big Devilfish fan until I saw him act up on ESPN during an Omaha event at last year's WSOP.

Now, let's just say I used to be a Scotty fan.

Scotty has issued an apology, but it's not the greatest IMO.

** Thanks to Wicked Chops Poker for finding all this stuff.


icemonkey9 said...

Scotty was shameful. He knew the cameras were rolling and decided to shoot his positive public image right between the eyes. Hardly an apology too ... anyways couldn't agree with you more, I USED to be a Scotty Nguyen fan.

beardyian said...

He claims not to make any excuses?, this was after reading several line of how and why it happened.
Basically, 'Yeah, im sorry it looked bad, but hey, it was entertaining'.
Sorry Scotty, no, it was embarrasing.